What's that sound coming from the Coffee District? It's customers arguing like a couple of guys from a classic Reese's commercial: "Hey! You got your wine bar in my coffee shop!" Despite being touted as a coffee joint, the district is a hybrid hangout that actually offers more kinds of beer than coffee — though there are plenty flavors of that too. In addition to 100-plus microbrews and a boutique wine list, the venue offers a line of signature lattes (mmm... toffee) as well as standard espressos and cappuccinos. It draws a mixed crowd, but generally speaking, early birds flock in the morning, laptop jockeys gather midday to suck off the free wi-fi, and hipsters come late and linger until midnight — especially during monthly beer brewing classes and twice-weekly poker nights. With sleek, hardback chairs, shiny leather couches, and chic décor, the place seems to actively reject a folk-hippie aesthetic... until open-mic night comes along or they throw an acoustic music fest.

Location Details

325 Northeast Second Ave.
Delray Beach FL 33444


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