Best Quote (2009)

Al Capellini

When then-Deerfield Beach Mayor Al Capellini was charged by the State Attorney's Office with a felony corruption charge in December, you had to wonder how the longtime politico would handle it. For the answer, all you had to see was his mug shot, where he took on a Zen-like pose of calmness and peace. The deep lines running like dry and rocky ravines across Capellini's face and the swollen, dark bags under his eyes, however, portrayed another picture — one not unlike Dorian Gray's. Still, it was obvious Capellini was going for a variation of fellow Republican Tom DeLay's approach of trying to make people see Jesus in his jailhouse photo. His words, though, seemed more like another notorious GOPer, Richard "I Am Not a Crook" Nixon. After he was tossed from office by Gov. Charlie Crist, Capellini told the Sun-Sentinel: "I am not corrupt." Of course not, Al.

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