Best Tattoo Artist (2009)

Holden Ritchison, Formula Ink

OK, so this is the kind of tattoo shop where you hang out — and the staff wants you to. Owner Holden Ritchison, a big Santa Claus of a man, started this new shop just a few doors down from the Culture Room. With an open-plan space that looks more like a den, Formula Ink has the best abandoned boyfriend/girlfriend section ever — a huge couch, a huge TV, and a selection of DVDs and magazines. Formula Ink is home to some of the best-kept-secret artists in town. Ritchison excels at huge-scale, deftly shaded, jaw-dropping traditional Asian work. What's more, his prices are shockingly fair for custom sitdowns. Ask him for a quote, but you'll be more than happy to hand over the cash for an experience that will leave you smiling.


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