Fashion-forward women know one thing about thrifting: Shop where the drag queens donate. It's a simple rule and one that will score you bounty beyond your wildest wishes. Size 11 patent-leather pumps? Check. Amazing accessories? Yep. Fancy evening wear? Just take out the shoulder pads and it's perfect! So where does one find such a collection? The Poverello Center, of course. This thrift mecca not only features spectacularly flashy women's apparel; it's also a treasure-trove of housewares and bric-a-brac. The reason is intuitive: Poverello funds important and necessary HIV/AIDS outreach programs throughout Broward County, and because social consciousness and great taste are synonymous, it makes sense that this is where the stylish, politically aware donate. Business has grown so much at Poverello that they are now open on Sundays to accommodate their many dedicated shoppers. So hit it up; you'll look radiant in those golf-ball-sized pearls.

Location Details

2292 Wilton Dr.
Wilton Manors FL 33305


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