Best Snorkeling Spot (2009)

Commercial Boulevard and A1A

Snorkeling isn't exactly the most expensive seafaring hobby you can take up, but to find most of the best spots requires some cash. Aside from buying the gear (or taping a few bendy straws together and hoping for the best), most of the prime scuba and snorkeling spots require a boat to get you there and back. So if you're looking to do some snorkeling on a budget, head out to Anglin's Pier on Commercial Boulevard. Just a hundred or so yards out from the pier, peer down and you'll swear you're a mile out. The gorgeous, clear water is home to hundreds of brightly colored schools of fish, a few sea turtles, and the occasional nurse shark. There's no fee for this snorkeling spot, but it can get crowded, especially during the dog days of summer, so prepare to get out there early or be ready to swim out a little farther to avoid the crowds.


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