The Bahamas are the bane of South Florida surfers. The islands cut off incoming swells from the Atlantic, so short of a hurricane or tropical storm, surfers in South Florida are stuck with Typhoon Lagoon. Couple that with territorial pricks at particular surf spots (cough, Lake Worth, cough) and trying to enjoy a day at the beach becomes more a lesson in Point Break-style boorishness than riding waves. Pompano's Second Street remains a favorite spot among those in Broward and is as consistent as it gets in South Florida. When there's a groundswell, the perfectly situated sandbar pushes the water up, producing steep, fast-riding waves, powerful hollow barrels, and rolling solid lines for really long, rideable waves. And depending on the day, it can break right or left. According to the surf atlas at, the swell starts working well around three feet and holds up to more than eight feet, making it a good spot for various skill levels. And you have the added bonus that no one will slash your tires (cough, Lake Worth, cough).

Location Details

Atlantic and Ocean boulevards
Pompano Beach FL 33062


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