It's Friday night. It's dark but for the disco ball and the neon flicker of glowsticks and the shimmer of booze on the lips of everyone in the room. A mix of old and new pop music blasts through the thunderous sound system. An MC encourages a handful of players to "shake dat ass!" as he calls out letter-number combinations. This damned sure isn't your grandma's bingo game. Here, ten bucks gets you a stiff drink and five games of fast-paced bingo. One warning, though: You'd better hope you don't scream "Bingo!" at the same time as a fellow competitor. If you do, you'll be ushered to the front of the room to compete in that most fearsome of tiebreakers: the dance-off. With $100 at stake, this often involves a lot of gyration and clothing removal. Cosmic Bingo is like nothing else on Earth.

Location Details

4150 N. State Road 7
Hollywood FL 33021


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