Best Soccer Player (2010)

Jozy Altidore

Jozy Altidore was born to play soccer. When a coach spotted an 8-year-old Jozy playing in a park, he guaranteed Jozy's parents that the boy would play for the national team in a few years. Jozy didn't have a childhood like the rest of us. Boca Raton was home, but he grew up in soccer camps all over the country, playing morning, noon, and night. At 16, long before he graduated from high school, Jozy was drafted into Major League Soccer, where he immediately proved himself a goal-scoring machine. When he was 18, he signed a $10 million contract to play in Spain — the largest sum ever paid for any MLS player. Now, just as that coach promised his parents a decade ago, Jozy is hands-down the most exciting player on one of the best American national teams in history.


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