Best Sports Enigma (2010)

Michael Beasley

Before he even shot his first jumper as a member of the Miami Heat, the silky six-foot-ten Beasley was in trouble. While at an NBA rookie camp, he was busted in a hotel room that police said smelled strongly of marijuana. How did the police find out about it? A fire alarm. Which begs the question: Just how much were those guys smoking? Last year, he posted a photo of himself on Twitter, an infamously foolish move, since observers noticed the fixings for a weed high in the background. Then came rehab in Houston. Beasley's behavior is at times erratic, and on the court, he's been inconsistent, showing his unique talents at times but too often disappearing into the woodwork. In this year's playoffs, he was pretty much dominated by Kevin Garnett in the Heat's series loss to the Celtics. So, after two years, what do you do with the guy? Here's what you do: You keep him. Sure it's a gamble, because Beasley is a project (and yes, like millions of otherwise law-abiding Americans, he has been known to smoke some ganja). Projects, by definition, take time. Why should the Heat deal Beasley off to another team after having suffered through his growing pains? Through all that smoke, there is some fire. Might as well let it burn in Miami next season.


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