Themed, adult parties put together by Electrolust take place once a month at Club X-it, but it was on Saturday, February 5, at "A Clockwork Orgy," that a gang of friends who had never attended a fetish party before all got whipped together (not at the same time) — and that made for one helluva night. At this annual Stanley Kubrick tribute party, men who wore bomb gear and giant, buckled boots stomped on the dance floor, moving to hard-hitting, bass-thumping techno. There were attractive people there. There was liberation. Whips hung on the back wall. One man wore a mask and kilt, another a tail. Here, people approached and asked how they could please you. Did you want to get whipped? Leather Lee, the dom and the master who's been whipping people for 25 years, was here for you. You got your foot massaged, your shoulders rubbed. You got your neck sucked on, your ear lobes too — if you wanted, of course. You wanted to leave with bite marks? You left with bite marks. There was a man waiting on the floor in the restroom — he wanted to be spit on. He was spit on. He even got pissed on — and liked it. A very old man's desire was to be pulled by the string attached to the front of his black Speedo. He was pulled. Similar parties may happen once a month, but this night didn't just have an ending — it stimulated a million different nerve endings.

Location Details

219 N. 21st Ave.
Hollywood FL 33020

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