Best Place for the Sleepless (2011)

Peter Pan Diner

At 4 a.m., the world's a hard place for a hot mess. You're drunk; bouncers removed you from the bar over an hour ago, and all you've done since is send hysterical text messages to your ex. In the miasma of your alcohol-fueled mind, there's a fine line between "sleeping" and "passing out," and you're inclined to neither. Fortunately, a little inebriation won't prohibit you from leafing through a massive menu full of sandwiches, Greek food, breakfast wraps, diner fare, desserts, and basically anything edible you can imagine. Peter Pan's hearty late-night food will sober you up enough to people-watch: Give yourself one point for every young woman you see passed out at a booth, five points for any potential Mafioso, and ten points for anyone doing anything illegal in the bathroom (and 25 if it's at a table).

Location Details

1216 E. Oakland Park Blvd.
Oakland Park FL 33334

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