There's poker and slots, just like at every other casino in our current golden age of gambling in South Florida. But the Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek also has the so-called "Vegas-style" games available only to the Seminoles — thanks to a table full of cash and a special pact with Charlie Crist. That means blackjack and Pai Gow and roulette and all the other sucker bets that seem incomprehensible yet irresistible. And unlike all the other casinos in town, Coconut Creek offers something more, the two sweetest words a degenerate gambler can hear: free drinks. Not all the time, but it happens. And when they aren't free, there are three different bars willing to sauce you right up and several different places to snack. Here's a secret: One of the snack bars offers deep-fried Oreos that are so damned good, you might even forget about all the money you just dropped at the tables.

Location Details

5550 NW 40th St.
Coconut Creek FL 33073

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