Best Place to Drink in Flip-Flops (2011)

Water Taxi

Flip-flops are the quintessential shoe choice for most Floridians, but when alcohol is involved, they're not the safest. Feet are stepped on, toes get stubbed, broken glass causes all sorts of debauchery... it's just not a good situation to be in. But when drinking beachside, wearing sandy sneakers isn't so ideal either. This is where the Water Taxi swoops in to save the day. The Water Taxi offers all-day transportation by sea to various shopping, dining, and beaches in Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood. For the tourists, these things sound delightful, but let's be honest — this city is nicknamed "Fort Liquordale" for a reason. So for the local lushes, the Water Taxi provides an excellent service, a DUI-free form of transportation where we can drink onboard between bars and not have to worry about our toes.


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