Best Album to Sample Videogames (2012)

The Adventures in 8bit: Cartridge 1 by the Benchwarmers Clique

OK. Get stoned, sit back, press play, and try to figure out what videogames were sampled in each of the 12 tracks of the Benchwarmers Clique's The Adventures in 8bit: Cartridge 1. For so many — mostly stoners and boys, but in many ways for all of us — the first electronic music we listened to was the soundtrack to our videogames. Local hip-hoppers Joka Wild and Travisty the Lazy MC took these familiar sounds and, with the help of British producer Jewbei, created a sweet locus for nostalgia. This shit will access all those Nintendo dreams and Sega nightmares of your youth. Your old friends Super Mario and Zelda will return but with sick rhyming blanketing them. Besides the Benchwarmers Clique, guest MCs on the album include Melodik, Lex One, Llamabeats, Kyllabus, and Reks. Hopefully, a Cartridge Two hits the web before we crack the code on this Adventure in 8bit.


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