Best Drag Show (2012)

Drag It Out

Last year, we spotted this crew of performers and teachers and declared them Best Nonprofit. The queens at Drag It Out aren't just hams in a lotta lipstick and heels; this is a caring group of motherly ladies and gents and gender nonspecifics. They teach the art of drag to young drag aficionados, mentoring and inspiring them. Their workshops are free, but the results are priceless. Participants enter rough around the edges and come out smooth as a bouffant. The "draguates" performing? It's fab-u-lous. Burgeoning drag kings and queens show off their new (or true) personalities in a safe and encouraging place. A sea of colored wigs and rhinestones, the room is filled with glamour, and it's all for charity. How can we not give it up for Drag It Out's Epic Draguation? It's called a draguation, for God's sake.


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