Best Place to Renounce Meat-Eating (2012)

Luigi's Coal Oven Pizza

From the exterior on Las Olas Boulevard, Luigi's seems a standard pizza joint: a modest sign, a red awning, basic tables, tiled floors. And then you see the menu. Though meat eaters will find what they're after, vegetarians will absolutely rejoice. A "small" salad — with fresh mixed greens dressed in citrus as the base, then layered with olives, pickled peppers, ripe tomatoes, green onions, and feta — serves three people. A vegetarian pizza offers a trio of peppers, tomatoes, and rapini. Paninis on terrific bread are stuffed with seasonal greens, pesto, roasted sweet peppers, and mozzarella. So much better than picking at another veggie burger.

Location Details

1415 E. Las Olas Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale FL 33301


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