Contrary to popular belief, vegetarians really love to eat. And no, not just piles of leafy greens and cold tofu. They want good, hearty meals as much as their steak-loving friends do. And that's just what Sara's Kosher Restaurant delivers. Family-owned and operated for more than a decade, this quaint eatery boasts an extensive menu of vegetarian and vegan options. Try the Rooster, a savory "chicken" breast golden fried in tempura and layered with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and cheese (dairy or vegan) on a fluffy challah roll with special sauce. In the mood for Italian? Snack on the Boston Beauty, a personal pizza dripping in vegetables and marinara sauce and topped with an extra layer of dough. Treat your bacon-craving friends to a dinner at Sara's and they might renounce meat-eating altogether.

Location Details

3944 N. 46th Ave.
Hollywood FL 33021


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