Best AM Radio Personality (2013)

Jonathan Zaslow

The sidekick always gets overlooked. Be it Robin to Batman, Garfunkel to Simon, Biden to Obama, or Chewbacca to Han Solo, the sidekick is mostly seen as comic relief, with little else to do. But then there's Jonathan Zaslow (Zaz), the venerable Kato to Marc Hochman's Green Hornet of 790/104.3 FM The Ticket's morning drive program, Hochman & Zaslow. Zaz has played several roles for the station, from being a reporter to producing a show to hosting the Miami Heat pregame show (which he still does). What endears us to Zaz is his unapologetic die-hard love for the local teams, his intelligence, and his dry-cut sense of humor that seems like a perfect foil to an otherwise goofy morning show. Zaz delivers his lines straight but with tongue firmly in cheek. He's passionate without being a meathead, and there's no better host to answer trolling opposing teams' fans phone calls than Zaz, who is always ready to cut them down to size with his wit and his sports knowledge. As the man himself would say, "Zaz is your boy!"


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