There's a time for lounging poolside, sipping a frozen beverage, and cozying up with the latest issue of Star magazine whilst taking in the wonderful combination of hot sun and cool breeze. There's also a time for raging poolside, which is what happens every weekend at Fort Lauderdale Beach's Exit 66. Misting cabanas with bottle service; young, bikini-clad hotties bouncing around giant beach balls; DJs blasting Benny Benassi while bros fist-pump; and bartenders serving two-for-one drinks — is this a pool party, or have we been transported to heaven? At Exit 66, it's spring break all year 'round, and each Saturday and Sunday, the crew throws a daytime rager complete with a rotating roster of resident DJs, champagne bottle specials, and a crowd of young'uns who just wanna strip off their clothes and relish in the beachside paradise that is the pool at Exit 66. It's not a swimming pool full of liquor, but it's damned close, and we're diving in.

Location Details

219 S. Fort Lauderdale Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale FL 33316


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