Best TV News Reporter (2013)

Brian Andrews

Brian Andrews has ridden out a series of wild personal adventures — including playing "El Gringo" on TV in Bogota and escaping a Colombian kidnapping attempt — to find his way back to South Florida on CBS4. For this, we rejoice. Few television reporters in South Florida offer more charisma or insider knowledge of the region than Andrews. The dude is 100 percent élan, and his vibe perfectly fits Miami and Broward. You'll never catch Andrews looking like he's going to a funeral. He pulses with color, just like our wacky state does. And Andrews' stories, whether they detail the latest on a murder or a major storm or some international intrigue, always go further to bring us the news we need now. We can authoritatively say that Bogota's loss is South Florida's gain. Welcome home, Brian Andrews.


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