New York Mart's cavernous, warehouse space should be the first thing that tells you it's different. You're used to yellowing tiles in the low drop ceiling at your regular Asian market. You've even come to pine for them when you find your pantry devoid of rice noodles, miso paste, or dried shrimp. New York Mart offers row after row of bright-green vegetables. Bunches of Chinese broccoli, bok choy, and chive flowers are neatly arranged, each with a thin film of water thanks to constant misting. The meat and fish counters offer an endless variety of the cuts and fish most Americans are used to as well as more obscure Asian treats. Pig ears? Got 'em. Live hairy crab? Take a half-dozen. Don't forget to stop at the barbecue counter on the way out, where a half-pound of char siu — sticky-sweet, roasted pork shoulder — can be had for $4.

Location Details

10065 Sunset Strip
Sunrise FL 33322


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