This building has been a Texaco gas station, and more recently, the Poopie Doll Florist, but today, after renovations, owner Barry Hilton and his partner and executive chef, Roberto Sanchez, have transformed it into a rustic barbecue shack that serves the most authentic, wood-smoked barbecue around. According to Hilton, the secret to their success is in the smoker, the same one Sanchez used at a restaurant in Austin, Texas. It uses 100 percent wood logs to smoke the meat and absolutely no electricity or gasoline — something only a few restaurants in South Florida can lay claim to. Everyone's favorite: the beef brisket, which is given a secret spice rub and slow-smoked for 14 hours before it's fresh-sliced and served as a sandwich. "Here, we don't try to overload the meat with a lot of seasoning," Hilton says. "We let the wood and meat do its own thing."

Location Details

899 E. Cypress Creek Rd.
Fort Lauderdale FL 33334


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