Not even a born-and-bred Philly-cheese-steak purist could deny the awesomeness that is Famous Phil's Steak Bomb. A mere $9.58 gets you a soft, 12-inch bun piled high with thin-sliced rib eye, provolone cheese, mushrooms, peppers, onion, and a ladleful of spaghetti sauce. Only two things result from taking on a sandwich of that magnitude: stomach-stretching fullness and a red-sauce-stained shirt. It's all worth it. Famous Phil's has been a Plantation institution for more than four decades. The standing-room-only shop has changed hands a few times since Kim Bartnick opened. Current owner Sheila DiPasquale, who worked at Phil's for 35 years before buying it in 2007, has kept everything inside the small, cash-only shop the same, including the menu, vendors, and Formica-heavy décor. If Sheila isn't the one making your sandwich, it's her daughter Ramonda Leonard or daughter-in-law Hope Matthieson.

Location Details

107 State Road 7
Plantation FL 33317


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