Best Delivery Service (2013)

Delivery Dudes

The Delray Delivery Dudes started out as the brainchild of Jayson Koss. He contends that he and his friends were so lazy, they wished they could get anything they wanted delivered to them. Since no such service existed, at least not in South Florida, they started a business and delivered stuff themselves. Their resulting concierge delivery service, aptly named the Delivery Dudes, started off in Delray Beach, the perfect place to tempt customers with home delivery because it has so many amazing restaurants. Needing little more than a cell phone and a portable credit-card reader, the Dudes took off and have since expanded their business to Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Wellington, Deerfield Beach, and Fort Lauderdale. All deliveries are only $7 ($5 cash) — half of which goes to the driver and the other half to the business, though tipping is still encouraged. Our favorite order: a weekly delivery of milk and eggs from Heritage Hen Farm for $15, which is just so retro.


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