In a place with a large population of transplanted New Yorkers, calling this yellow-school-bus-looking food truck PS561 was a pretty smart marketing move. Transplanting Sabrett hot dogs (every New Yorker's favorite) and grilling them inside said food truck was an even better move. The rather legendary 100-percent-beef dogs are the kind of links that other, lesser tubes of meat aspire to be. They'd be pretty amazing dirty-water-style on a bun with some mustard, but PS561 is a hip gourmet food truck, so there was no chance of leaving it at that — thank God. Instead, cooks split the dogs, then grill them. All menu items have academically inspired names: the FCAT (bacon, sweet coleslaw, jalapeños, barbecue sauce), the Principal Ron (goat cheese, bacon, barbecue sauce), and the Crazy Art Teacher (extra barbecue sauce, jalepeños, cheddar cheese, and Fritos chips). If you are feeling adventurous, try the Math Whiz, topped with Asian-style slaw and Sriracha mayonnaise. Animal lovers, never fear — they've got veggie dogs too. Though PS561 is based out of Lake Worth, it travels all over Broward and Palm Beach. Follow the truck on Facebook, or tweet @ps561 and ask them to bring the dogs to your business or event.

Location Details

Broward / Palm Beach FL


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