Best Restaurant When Someone Else Is Paying (2013)


Take your time when enjoying the $15 sea scallop at Sardelli's. First cut it in half, then quarters, then eighths if you're skilled with a knife. Make sure each forkful contains a piece of the butter-crisped mollusk along with the tangy almond-parsley pesto and bit of the creamy parsnip purée. When your server sees you licking the plate clean and asks if you'd like another, tell him or her yes. Ordering only one of Fulvio Sardelli's scallops might make him think you didn't enjoy it. If you found the $1.6 million Italian-style villa that houses Sardelli's, only a stone's throw away from Hollywood Beach, you already knew you'd need a fat wallet, or better yet a friend with a large bankroll, to really enjoy the restaurant the Sardelli family spent their life savings to build.

Location Details

331 Van Buren St.
Hollywood FL 33019


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