Let's be honest: Nothing gets the ticker hammering like a peek at some skin. And since 1965, Sunsport Gardens has been offering the region an affordable smorgasbord of private parts and secret crevices — all in a family setting! Billing itself as a "Family Nudist Resort," Sunsport is all the way out in Loxahatchee, far from the prying eyes of all those assholes who made you feel fat in the high school locker room after gym class ("Stop sucking it in, Tubs!"). At Sunsport, you can find the same activities you'd see at summer camp, just with more T&A. There are daily events like yoga and volleyball, a full pool (preshowering is required), square dancing, and rental cabins and campers. Plus, most important, the vibe is judgment-free. So if you're looking for something new to jump-start your social life, a new thrill for a thrifty budget, Sunsport is a good option. Your first visit to the resort is on the house, so why not let your... er... hair down and enjoy? You don't have to suck it in this time, Tubs.

Location Details

14125 N. Rd.
Loxahatchee FL 33470


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