Best Country Act (2014)

Maggie Baugh

Move over, Taylor Swift, in a totally not-Kanye way. There is a newer, younger, fresher, potentially more motivated country singer/songwriter making power moves. Fiddle prodigy Maggie Baugh is slowly but surely taking over the local country scene. A mainstay at festivals and events, Baugh picked up her first violin at 6 years old and never looked back. Now the fresh-faced teen is proving she has the chops to make it as an artist. With the release of her first album, Only Good Things, Baugh showed that country music doesn't have to just be about losing your truck, wife, and dog. She wrote a song about middle school called "Middle School" — how adorbs. The songwriter isn't just in it for the street cred — she has a good head on her shoulders too. Baugh often raises money for Glycogen Storage Disease, a genetic liver disease her two brothers have. It's endearing to see so much talent stay on a kind and generous path. Her rise is still fresh but well-established. Baugh was invited onstage to fiddle her little heart out along with the Charlie Daniels Band for its megahit "Devil Went Down to Georgia." She killed it. Did we mention she's 13?


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