Best EP (2014)

Duct Tape Your Mouth

West Palm Beach's New Coke released a frenetic three-song EP this February that's packed with negativity and punk hysteria, and we love it. It's hypnotic, and yeah, it makes you want to sort of barf. But in a totally good way. The Slovenly Recordings recording can be downloaded online, or you can order a seven-inch vinyl for your casa. Songs include "Duct Tape Your Mouth," "I'm Not a Fan of Your Romance," and "I Am Drunk, I Have a Gun, I Want Names." This is the band's first release in two years, and the PBC trio killed it — like they strapped it to a chair and then beat the shit out of it until it died. And now the world has this incredibly intense product that was recorded in Miami with Torche's Jonathan Nunez. Slovenly's little album disclaimer says to expect a full-length this year, so we'll just sit here, hold our breath — maybe duct tape our noses too — until the LP hits the web and our record player.


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