Best Food Truck (2014)


The idea of ordering food from a Chinese taco truck sounds both enticing and a little scary. It's a melding of two cultures that would seem to have absolutely nothing in common. But when the late-night craving can't tell the difference between General Tso's and asada skirt steak, we're all in. The man behind this unusual East-meets-West marriage of cuisine is none other than David Peck, former chef for Tap 42 turned "chief chaco" thanks to his concept, dubbed Box of Chacos. From North Miami to Fort Lauderdale, Peck serves specialties like the Tio Tsao's five-spice pork with a spicy green salad, queso, sweet Chinese soy, and a spicy mayo or the Pink Chaco, with seared ahi tuna and sesame salad. Part of the success comes from Peck's attention to detail and an uncanny ability to fuse flavors — something he learned from Mark Militello's namesake restaurant. But it was at sushicentric Nobu in Dallas where Peck developed a palate for Asian fare, while Texas provided a wealth of topnotch Tex-Mex. And there you have it: everything to love about both cultures, wrapped into a single tortilla, priced reasonably from $3 to $6. Each Chacos taco is sold à la carte, including oddball items like the Spammers: two thick slabs of Spam fried and served with Colby Jack cheese and paired with a spicy kimchi slaw. Vegetarians, have no fear. There's also a meat-free number, the Shaolin Veg, which highlights deep-fried and breaded avocado with quinoa and spicy mayo. Go ahead and get your chaco on.


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