Food always tastes best in its country of origin. Baguettes are crisper and loftier in France. Curries are hotter in Thailand. Pastas are more toothsome in Italy. Schnitzel is more, well, schnitzely in Germany — you get the point. When the craving for wursts and dunkel hits, you need to find a place that honors its German heritage. Cue Old Heidelberg. Step through the doors and you'll be transported to another world; it feels like you've been transplanted in an Oktoberfest hall. The space is dimly lit with dark wood walls, stained-glass light fixtures, and German knickknacks all around. Female servers and bartenders don traditional dirndls, and some have German accents as well. As kitschy as it may be, the place is legit. The fare is about as authentic as you can find in South Florida. Selections range from common weisswurst ($12.95) and wiener schnitzel ($8.95) to specialties like rouladen ($17.95), a dish of thinly sliced, seasoned, and stuffed beef served with mashed potatoes, dumpling, and cabbage. All of which is easily washed down Deutschland-style with a nice big beer. The restaurant boasts a nice selection of imported German brews ranging from refreshing Weissbier to light lager to full-bodied dopplebock — and yes, you can drink it out of a boot. Save yourself the airfare; come here.

Location Details

900 W. State Road 84
Fort Lauderdale FL 33315


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