In Peru, ceviche is typically consumed on the beach; in fact, it's not uncommon to find sand in the bottom of its serving dish. If you're looking to get a legit Peruvian experience, you really should be near the shore (even if you're not actually in the sand). You really should try Ceviche by the Sea. The atmosphere is a bit more sophisticated than what you'll find at an oceanfront picnic — or most Broward Peruvian restaurants, for that matter. The modern décor is comfortable yet somewhat elegant. And the fare is considered Peruvian fusion; presentation is a big part of the experience. Causas ($11 to $17), cold mashed potato cakes topped with sauce and protein, are elevated with ingredients like avocado mousse, sweet potato, and spicy aioli. Ceviche ($15 to $29) is offered with all the spicy dressings, from traditional to aji amarillo to Asian-inspired Nikkei. All the old reliables are served here but prepared with the restaurant's own take: aji de gallina ($11 for lunch), a spicy and creamy chicken dish; chaufa ($11 for lunch), Chinese-style fried rice; and papa a la huancaina ($7), a spicy potato salad made with the national favorite yellow chili.

Location Details

2823 E. Oakland Park Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale FL 33306


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