Eastern-dwelling South Floridian hate driving west of I-95. But if celebrity chef Michelle Bernstein — a vocal fan of this place — is willing to make the trek to Lauderhill from Miami, you should be able to head 20 minutes west. Besides, you might get the chance to bump into the amicable chef and her husband while grilling galbi gui ($24.95), a dish of succulent marinated short rib, over an open charcoal pit. It's one of the few Korean barbecue places that allows guests to cook over flaming embers; others use gas or electric stoves, and the effect is nowhere near as flavorful, or entertaining. Dishes are served with an array of white bowls filled with diverse "banchan" (side dishes): spicy kimchee cabbage and zucchini, fish cakes, marinated seaweed, pickled veggies (some mild, others freaking hot). If cooking for yourself isn't your thing, the prepared options are just as divine. Dolsot bibimbap ($12.95), white rice, carrots, cucumber, bean sprouts, nori, egg, and chili paste are served in a heated pot; the effect creates the perfect char on the rice lining the bowl. Hot pots ($11.95 to $14.95) brimming with spicy liquid, protein, and veggies burst with intricate spice and varying levels of heat. No matter what you choose, you're in for a treat; everything is piquant, even the dishes that aren't overly peppery. Just one trip to this bustling little spot will have you commuting back-and-forth for regular dinners in no time.

Location Details

4491 N. University Dr.
Lauderhill FL 33351


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