Vegetarians, vegans, look elsewhere. This lip-smacking, glistening, fatty, crunchy deliciousness is not for you, though you may long outlive us decadents and dance, ever-so-slim and healthily, on our graves. At least we will have known the pleasures of this sleek and cozy Delray Beach Asian boîte's Spicy Crispy Duck Salad, a modest portion (with mighty impact) of mixed greens, red onion, and scallions tossed with chunks of the above-mentioned lip-smacking mallard in a "Thai dressing" that tastes suspiciously like little more than a splash of srihacha. It doesn't take any more than that to make this dish a bracing experience in nuance and complexity, deeply layered in flavor and texture. Wash it down (or first cleanse the palate) with Lemongrass' take on wonton soup, delicate of broth, dotted with dumplings, rich in flavor. Want veggies? Grab a seaweed salad with sesame dressing. But for indulgence, it's all about the duck.

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