In 1956, things were different. You could smoke in hospitals, seat belts were merely a suggestion, and the world was always just minutes from nuclear annihilation. I said "different," not "better." But you could also always count on service. It meant something back then. Food came out in eight minutes, your coffee stayed full the entire meal (without any sneaky up-charge), and your servers didn't work for you; they worked with you. You and your server were a team. Something else happened in 1956. Egg N' You opened on the corner of North Federal Highway and NE 26th Street. And for the past 58 years, the team here has been upholding the standard of old-school service. Even on Sunday mornings, when the postchurch crowd comes rushing in with the holy spirit in their stomachs, you won't wait more than ten minutes for a table. Your waitress has the menu memorized like the pledge of allegiance and won't ever let you see the bottom of your coffee mug. The food comes out quickly and hot, and each table is equipped with its own castle of jellies to choose from. 1956 still exists at Egg N' You. Minus all the terrible stuff.

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2621 N. Federal Highway
Wilton Manors FL 33306


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