A cigar isn't just something you smoke when you're on vacation. It's not just something stoners cut open and stuff their weed into. The cigar is a way of life. The cigar is a culture. Somewhere along the way, we forgot that. We started selling factory-made cigars in gas stations. We started chomping on them like gum. We lit them and puffed away because we thought it made us look cool. We killed the cigar. Or did we? If you look closely, you'll see a crack in the cigar's coffin. And through it floats a thin pipe of gray smoke wafting toward the sky. If you follow that smoke long enough, you'll find yourself standing on the patio of Cuenca Cigars in Hollywood. Take a seat. Enjoy the sun, and let one of Cuenca's friendly staff help you find the perfect — not just most expensive — cigar for your palate. Order an espresso, light up, and take it in. Meditate with your cigar; let it teach you about patience and luxury. The cigar still exists. And it's a beautiful thing.

Location Details

1928 Harrison St.
Hollywood FL 33020


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