Is he a bit of a diva? Was Maria Callas? Can he cut hair? Could Callas sing? It's all part of the experience at David K's ultrahip, eponymous, Northwood snippery. People go here the same way out-of-towners go to the Carnegie Deli to soak up the attitude of the show-biz boîte's legendarily brusque wait staff or A-listers line up to be targeted by Don Rickles' quips. K pirouettes from chair to chair, overseeing his staff or himself wielding the shears, precise and exacting, a master of the craft out of the Vidal Sassoon school, offering running commentary and analysis that bespeaks an understanding of hair style and depth psychology. (You thought they were unconnected?) The décor is appropriate: industrial chic interior; fine, avant-garde art on the walls. On occasional evenings, the space hosts special events, the Beautiful People come to strut their stuff, and as K's motto proclaims, "New York is closer than you think."

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2401 N. Dixie Highway
West Palm Beach FL 33407


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