Animals arguably don't belong in a science lab to benefit the beauty industry. Our furry friends deserve a life in the wild, not trapped in a cold and chilling cage. Enter the roaring wave of vegan hair products — yes, that exists — a trend that's steadily catching on. John Bruno, hairstylist and proprietor of his eponymous Fort Lauderdale salon, has embraced this ethical treatment when it comes to hair. He uses solely vegan products, from shampoos to gels to hair dyes. Vegan hair conditioner? Check. Surprisingly, many of those bottles you find on the shelf are manufactured with animal byproducts such as animal fats, beeswax, dairy, and lanolin. If the label doesn't include the word "vegan," then it is likely that vixen-redhead-in-a-box kit was made involving the use of animals. In addition, Bruno is adept at transforming your 'do into glorious locks and shades of colors suitable to the individual.

Location Details

901 Progresso Dr.
Fort Lauderdale FL 33304


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