It's a DIY place, handmade, a labor of love as much as a commercial establishment, and that's what we love about Local Smoking Domain. A rickety haven of closet-like rooms in an undistinguished strip mall off South Dixie Highway (with just a few hand-painted signs out front, it's easy to miss), LSD offers the full gamut of paraphernalia common to head shops everywhere. What sets it apart is the intense artistry of many pieces — brightly spackled glass pipes and bongs of shapes from The Arabian Nights or out of high-tech space probes — and the gentle, solicitous air of owners Courtney Hoekstra and Clint Zimmer, who clearly see da kine as adjunct to a life of — that hoary old saw — peace and love. A Pete Seeger memorial concert poster gazes down from one wall; fliers for a cannabis business conference sponsored by legalization hero Bobby Platshorn are scattered about. Bobby's been an inspiration for the shop, Clint says; Old Left icon Pete would surely bless the purity of the cause.

Location Details

308 S. Dixie Highway
West Palm Beach FL 33401


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