If you're going to trust anyone with your body, why not put your twisted, knotted, tense flesh in the paws of those with special knowledge of ancient Indian holy men? At JothiVita, the words of the rishis are taken seriously, and the body and soul are soothed. This Hollywood spa is the first Ayurvedic center in town. It uses a variety of healing methods to balance your stressed-out ass. It's concerned not just with that weird hard thing in your shoulder but with the balancing of your whole self. The spa has plenty of stuff going on, like herbal remedies, yoga, reiki, meditation, chakra work, and skin-care treatments, or there's the detox program called Panchakarma. But the folks here really know how to work those muscles with their list of totally chill-sounding massages. There's the classic abhyanga with herbal lube, the lymphatic drainage massage to get rid of all the crap running through your system, and marma therapy that deals with your body, mind, and emotions. They've got some featured treatments that include crystal sound healing bowls, reflexology, boluses of herbs, milk, and rice, and, of course, more herbal oils. All that health is actually affordable too! An hour massage is less than $100. We think it's time to get JothiVita with it.

Location Details

500 N. Federal Highway
Hollywood FL 33020


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