To hell with you kids and your MP3s. Chuck your iPods. What's a Spotify? Get out of here with that weak sauce. The only real way to listen to music, the true audio experience, is vinyl. And the best locale to scoop up used vinyl in South Florida is Top Five Records. Located in downtown Lake Worth next to the Propaganda concert venue, the store is the baby of John O'Keefe, a longtime vinylhead who opened the doors with his own collection of 50,000 records. What sets the store's stock apart from the beat-up discs you'll find in most dustbins or lawn sales is the quality. O'Keefe is a fiend about presenting only the best preloved music, so you can walk away from Top Five sure the vinyl won't cough or skip on the player. But don't show up looking for the new St. Vincent, Grizzly Bear, or any of those other nostalgia-soaked vinyl releases you pick up at Urban Outfitters (you hipster scum, you). The store specializes in the classic-rock sounds from the '60s and '70s, with a special sweet spot for blaring, raw-throat soul and head-tripping psychedelia.

Location Details

10 S. J St.
Lake Worth FL 33460


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