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Best Alternative Medicine Man Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2000 - Robert D. Willix, Jr., M.D.

When was the last time your doctor prescribed laugh therapy? Or spent one-and-one-half to two hours with you on your initial visit? And really listened to more than just the beating of your heart? Robert Willix does. Sure, it'll cost ya -- $375 to $500. (Follow-up visits, usually four to six weeks later, cost $75.) And no, your insurance won't cover it. But think of it this way: You've probably spent hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on doctors in your insurance plan, and you still don't feel good. Even better, did you notice the M.D. after his name? It's the real thing. Willix used to be a heart surgeon but gave that up two decades ago to practice alternative medicine "in its purest form," he says. But if the Chinese medicine doesn't work, he'll prescribe the drugs.
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Richard Turner
Richard Turner

I am seeking an alternative doctor. I wish to order the Life extension hormone panel. Do you accept Medicare?

The life extension web page of innovative doctors contains errors on your entry. I am sure you will want to correct it.

Richard Turner
Richard Turner

I am looking for an alternative doctor that takes medicare to prescribe the Life Extension hormone panel .

Your short bio on the Life Extension web site contains errors. I am sure you will want to correct it.

See this link attached:


greetings Bob. remember me? seems that you have quite an adventure underway there and it doesnt appear to be surprise there. if you were mainstream i would be truly disappointed. It would be nice to hear from you.



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