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Photo (Con)fusion

15 years ago by Michael Mills
The upcoming five-day extravaganza FOTOfusion 2000 at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre in Delray Beach bills itself as "the international festival of photography and imaging where creativity and technology fuse." A better slogan might be: "Everything you always wanted to know about photography (but were afraid to ask)." From the...

Pro Fusion

17 years ago by Jay Cheshes
I once rode an ostrich across the dusty grasslands of the Great Karroo, the vast savanna in the South African heartland. My wild ride lasted but a few seconds. The big, stupid bird took off with a jolt, and I quickly slid off its tail feathers and into a cloud...

The Fusion's Ray of Hope

14 years ago by Adam Pitluk
The Fusion would not seem like quite as much of a civic prize if they weren't so flat-out good. The majority of the soccer world attributes the Fusion's dramatic 180-degree turnaround to a key change in administration: the hiring of Ray Hudson, the 56-year-old elder statesman of Fort Lauderdale's soccer,...

Total ConFusion

16 years ago by Paul Demko
The fluorescent green lizard wearing a Miami Fusion uniform has picked a bad time to visit section 113. It is about midway through the second period on a steamy Saturday afternoon in late May, and the Fusion is losing -- again. D.C. United has just scored its second unanswered goal...

C-Viche Offers Peruvian Fusion in Pembroke Pines

6 months ago by Nicole Danna
Gastronomically speaking, Peru is a kaleidoscope of culture, the culmination of a nearly 500-year melting pot of Spanish, African, Japanese, and Chinese soldered together by the country's own indigenous cuisine. Quintessentially simple, many of the country's best dishes are peasants' fare: whole fish pulled from the Atlantic Ocean and cut...
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