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Ten Best Easter Brunches in Broward County

12 months ago by Sara Ventiera
Put on your Easter bonnet - make sure there's plenty of frills upon it. It's time for Easter parades and egg hunts and pictures with the Easter bunny and, yes, even church. Then, after all that, there's - for us foodies anyway, for whom gustation is basically religion - there's...

Ten Best Ice Cream Shops in Broward and Palm Beach

2 years ago by Nicole Danna
South Florida, we know heat -- and we know how to beat it. Between air conditioning, swimming pools, a dip in the ocean and all these damn ice cream and serve-yourself fro-yo shops, we've got summer meltdowns covered. But enough with the trendy, soft-serve yogurt. When you want the real...

Mutual Benefits Con Man Joel Steinger Spent a Lifetime Getting Mobbed Up

6 years ago by Bob Norman
Michael Rosen remembers standing in the elevator when he was just 3 or 4 years old. He was with his mother in their condo building, and several adults beamed at him, talking about how cute he was. He looked up and told them, "Go fuck yourself." Rosen winces at the...

Pulp Nonfiction

13 years ago by Bob Norman
Some of the best Hollywood movies are about making movies in Hollywood; Get Shorty and The Player are two that immediately come to mind. The one I'm working on, however, is true crime of the seediest South Florida kind. My film -- no, call it a movie event -- is...

Cooking by Numbers

10 years ago by Gail Shepherd
Things change so fast in South Florida. It's like we're living inside the head of some giant god with ADHD. Landmarks vanish overnight; restaurants flip three times before you make it back for your second plate of calamari fritti. So it's comforting to drive down George Bush Boulevard in Delray...
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