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Want to Make a Hundred Bucks Tonight? Report a Drunk Driver in Palm Beach County

2 years ago by Chris Joseph
No plans for New Year's tonight? Why not help keep the roads safe and collect a bounty to boot? The Safety Council of Palm Beach County is once again running its "Mobile Eyes" program tonight, where they basically pay you a hundred bucks if you spot a drunk driver and...

The Best of 2003

11 years ago by Jeff Stratton
Was 2003 a good year for South Florida music? Sort of hard to tell, innit, when we're always worked into a self-flagellating lather over how tough we have it down here? Well, buck up, lil campers! Sure, the radio sucks wet, musky, pachyderm balls, our big concert venue is named...

The Ten Best Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale

2 years ago by Sara Ventiera
Fort Lauderdale isn't as flashy as Miami nor as food-driven as Delray. And it's not as wealthy as Palm Beach. We have no trendy fried chicken joints like South Beach's Yardbird Southern Table & Bar nor recently nominated James Beard semifinalists like Clay Conley chef/partner of "the island's" Buccan. What...

Ten Best Brunches in Broward County

1 year ago by Sara Ventiera
UPDATE: Good news, brunch-lovers. We've recently published a new list of Fort Lauderdale's best brunches. Now go forth and brunch like you've never brunched before. We all love going out to eat. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch -- doesn't matter. We're ecstatic when we can grab any meal away from the...

Ten Best Burgers in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

2 years ago by Sara Ventiera
Some food items elicit intense reactions. New Yorkers smear any pizza anywhere outside of their dear city limits. Chicagoans eschew hot dogs without their traditional toppings. Kansas City residents scoff at any other barbecue. While each city tends to have its own special dish, good burgers can be found pretty...
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