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Ten Best Happy Hours in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

2 years ago by Sara Ventiera
Ahh. Happy hour. That wonderful time of day when a smiling bartender, cheap booze, and inexpensive food are intended to dissipate all of your workday's stress. Of course, you could go for a run or do something healthy to blow off some steam, but where's the fun in that? To...

Happy Hour

Saturday, March 28, 5:00PM @ Laser Wolf
You’ve seen it — on Facebook — Friend One was with Friend Two and ten other people at Laser Wolf. And you thought, what is this Laser Wolf? What is this bar that lurks on the...
Happy Hours

Happy Birthday, Jeff Lynne!

3 years ago by Lee Zimmerman
Born December 30, 1946, Jeff Lynne is many things - an award winning producer, singer and songwriter, the leader and prime mover of ELO, one of the lynchpins in the Traveling Wilburys, and an unabashed Beatles fan. While that fact is immediately evident in listening to any of ELO's early...

Happy Birthday, Betty Wright!

3 years ago by Lee Zimmerman
Bessie Regina Norris, better known to the world as Betty Wright, is a South Florida home girl, one who's gone from our local environs to international stardom. Born on December 21, 1953, she first started singing at the age of two, joining her siblings in a gospel group called the...

Happy Birthday to the Ever A-Changin' Bob Dylan!

3 years ago by Lee Zimmerman
Throughout his constantly veering trajectory, Bob Dylan often catches followers by surprise, testing the limits of their preconceptions and then shattering them entirely. And because there are so many sides to the former Robert Zimmerman (born May 24, 1941), New Times is pleased to provide a handy primer to help...
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