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Best Place to Buy Pool Supplies Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2001 - Pools 'N More Factory Outlet

Nobody really wants to buy pool supplies. It's one of those things you have to do, like mowing the lawn or having your wisdom teeth pulled. So when you find a pool store that will do all that fancy-pants chemical analysis and sell you only what you need, you go back. That's why we like Pools 'N More. It's not the biggest joint; in fact it looks like a two-car garage. But it has all the basics. You won't find eight types of floating chairs or six varieties of volleyball nets, but you will locate all the chemicals, pump parts, and filter hardware you need. And the salespeople don't snow their customers, even dumb ones like us. We came in about six months ago knowing zilch about pools and left with some good advice and a gallon of chlorine. Not a huge sale. They certainly could have convinced us we needed a lot more. But we've been back many times.

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schultzybeckett topcommenter

Spread the gravel out over the filter so that you have a relatively even, but sloping layer. You want the lowest point in the gravel to be near the front of the tank so detritus will collect there making it easier to clean it out. If you have a secondary filter as well as the under gravel filter put that in place now. Position your heater at the back of the tank at an angle so that it is heating the water at the bottom of the tank but you are still able to see the indicator so you can see it is on. Attach an adhesive thermometer near the top of the tank on one end where you can check the temperature easily.



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