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Letters for December 6, 2001

Watch out for this one, Kai! It was interesting to read of the current exploits of Kai Thorup in Amy Roe's November 15 story, "Bittersweet Charity." Not only did I work with him at Nova but I was associated with an organization he once ran that was a personal venue...

Letters for November 15, 2001

... even when she's nice: At the risk of sending what, at this point, might be one retort too many of Jen Karetnick's restaurant reviews, please indulge me. Certainly the recent review of Rustic Inn didn't read like her harsh reviews of other establishments ("Simply Smashing," November 8). She saved...

Letters for November 1, 2001

Jorge's surrogate strikes back: In regard to Jim Gaines' October 25 article "Potemkin Lawyer," I feel that there was a total lack of accurate information and valid sources in his attempt to defame Jorge Fernandez. Trying to be a hero in "uncovering" something that has already been resolved is, in...

Local Restaurants/Food Companies Nominated for Entrepreneur Awards

4 years ago by Laine Doss
Turn on the radio or the television and you'll hear the usual nightly coverage of stocks tanking, unemployment rates rising and other tales of doom and gloom.  Many pundits say the best hope for our country's economy is by encouraging entrepreneurship through small business.If that's the case, the south Florida...

The Ten Best Restaurants in Fort Lauderdale

2 years ago by Sara Ventiera
Fort Lauderdale isn't as flashy as Miami nor as food-driven as Delray. And it's not as wealthy as Palm Beach. We have no trendy fried chicken joints like South Beach's Yardbird Southern Table & Bar nor recently nominated James Beard semifinalists like Clay Conley chef/partner of "the island's" Buccan. What...
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