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Best Service in a Restaurant Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2001 - Moon Thai & Japanese

Moon Thai & Japanese

Moon Thai & Japanese

9637 Westview Drive

Coral Springs, FL 33076


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If you want your plate to be served from the left and picked up from the right, don't go here. If you want your water glass to be aligned with the tip of your knife and all other beverages to be placed to the right cater-corner of your agua, see ya later. If you want tuxedo jackets with seams as straight and narrow as W.'s unreadable lips, then bye-bye now. But if you like it when the waiters and waitresses, garbed in traditional Thai uniforms, not only know your name and face but remember what you ordered last time, then this is the place. At Moon you can actually utter those famous, longed-for words: "I'll have the usual."
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