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Best Sun-Sentinel Writer Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2001 - Tom Jicha

The Sun-Sentinel television critic is not a man to suffer fools gladly. Therefore, when you write him a letter to ask him a dumb question -- like "When can I catch reruns of Touched by an Angel?" -- be sure to brace yourself. In his column in Sunday's On TV, he will publish your inane query, then he will administer the appropriate punishment. And if you're from the wrong part of town, watch out! Jicha's fond of rubbing your nose in it. "No wonder you're single," he berated one hapless writer. "You live in Weston." Don't even get Jicha started on political topics, especially global warming. He'll unleash a torrent of bile scalding enough to rival the surface of the sun. "It scares me that people still believe that nonsense," he recently testified. "Try talking about global warming to the people up in Canada." Jicha's anti-environmental theories are about as valid as Rush Limbaugh's, but that still won't get him to shut his pie hole. That's why we keep reading him.
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Leon Rzewnicki
Leon Rzewnicki

About football games causing regular TV programming cancellations and delays: It happens week after week, but no one should even think of voicing any criticism. So what if a football game with 2 minutes remaining on the clock takes over a half hour to play. Heaven forbid that a football broadcast should ever be cancelled or delayed for any reason!! I'm sure that if it ever did happen, mental cases would increase by enormous percentages all over the country. Look at the hysteria over the possible delay of the super bowl because of the weather.


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